Radiological diagnostics Wrocław

X-ray diagnostics enables to find the cause of a dental problem and plan the right treatment.

Radiological diagnostics is an important element of dental treatment. This type of research makes it possible to determine the causes of dental problems, and also enables to plan the appropriate treatment regimen. If your case requires radiological diagnostics, you will find a suitable laboratory with us. Check out the diagnostic offer of our center! Do you need a pantograph?  Visit us!


X-ray is an effective way to make an accurate diagnosis.


X-ray enables the dentist to see the condition of the teeth and effectively diagnose the source of the dental problem.


X-ray examination is safely available to almost everyone, with some exceptions of pregnant women.


X-ray examination does not require any physical interference with the human body, and it only takes a few minutes.

Modern take on diagnostics

What does radiological diagnostics enable?

Another option is a dental X-ray in Wroclaw. The popular X-ray examination enables an accurate assessment of the condition, as well as tissues, bones and roots. This allows for an accurate diagnosis of ailments. Doctor can also determine how advanced the disease is and plan an adequate treatment. Diagnostics of this kind works most often in orthodontics, prosthetics, endodontic treatment or implantology.

What are the distinguishing indications for the implementation of radiological examinations?

  • advanced caries
  • appearance of inflammation at the roots of the teeth
  • necessity to assess the condition of the roots
  • assessment of the condition of retained teeth
  • diagnostics before the planned tooth extraction
  • planning and monitoring of root canal treatment
  • risk of cysts or cancer
  • necessity to determine malocclusion
  • planning the placement of implants
  • injuries in the craniofacial

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Price list

Panoramic Dental X-rayPLN 120
CBCT scanfrom PLN 150

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