What to do in case of emergency?

We try to treat emergencies as a priority, so we encourage patients to contact us through our helpline.

Just report the problem and we’ll try to find a solution.

Emergency – how do we qualify them?

How to determine if your case can be called an emergency?

These are situations in which severe pain is felt, while the lack of an appropriate response may cause irreversible changes.

Below, we present the issues that we most often classify as emergencies.

Mechanical teeth injuries

An injury to a tooth that causes it to fall out of the mouth requires immediate attention to the dentist. If the intervention occurs within 30 minutes of the event, there is a chance to save the tooth. The condition for the success of the procedure is the good condition of the root.

Strong pain with a broken tooth

Not every tooth fracture qualifies as an emergency. However, if it is accompanied by severe pain, report quickly to our dental center. In this case, the visit will take place in emergency mode.

Tooth abscess

When a patient reports to us with a tooth abscess, we always qualify it as an emergency. Unresponsiveness can lead to complications such as soft tissue inflammation, craniofacial bones, meningitis and sepsis. It is also a potential threat to life.

Bleeding gums

If you notice bleeding gums despite taking care of hygiene, do not hesitate to report this matter to us. At the dental center, you will be treated as an emergency, as this may be a symptom of a more serious problem.

What is the course of the visit?

During such a visit, the dentist not only examines the patient by examining his or her oral cavity.

He also often has an X-ray taken, which makes it easier to make a diagnosis.

Only then can he offer effective treatment and quick relief from pain.

Do you need an emergency visit?

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