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which means the dentistry of the 21st century

At Estetique Center, we offer access to world-class dentistry. We focus on the highest standards of treatment in every aspect: from modern equipment to qualified specialists. Patient’s health and satisfaction with the treatment are our priorities, while technology, knowledge and experience guarantee the highest quality.

Learn about our technologies:

Microscopes Zumax OMS 2360

Today, a dental microscope is an indispensable tool of every dentist. It is most often used during endodontic (root canal) treatment, but also during complicated cases of conservative and prosthetic treatment. Very high magnification enables precise preparation and filling of root canals. For the full comfort of our patients, our offices are equipped with a microscope, which significantly shortens the length of the visit to the office, and also allows for accurate performance of the procedure. We use modern equipment, including the Imes Icore milling machine and 3D printers, which guarantee precise creation of prostheses. To maximize their functionality and improve aesthetics, we use ExoCad to design them.

Endodontics or root canal treatment

During endodontic (root canal) treatment, we work with VDW Gold or Endo Pilot for mechanical enlargement of root canals, using mainly the Reciproc and MTwo systems. When widening the root canals, we also use an endometer, which helps to precisely determine its length. In our center, each root canal treatment is performed under the microscope, which ensures maximum precision and efficiency.

Systems for root canal treatment

In the Estetique Center, in order to work effectively and precisely, each endodontic (root canal) treatment is carried out in the magnification of the microscope. During work requiring machine channel expansion, we use VDW Gold or Endo Pilot. We mainly use Reciproc and MTwo systems. We also use an endometer, which allows you to accurately determine the length of the widened channel.

CS3800 Intraoral Scanner

High-class intraoral scanner with a broad range of applications in prosthodontics, orthodontics, and implantology. Taking virtual impressions using this technology gives the Patient a sense of comfort and reduces the time of the visit at the dentist.


We use this device for disorders of the masticatory organ to be able to perform perfect prosthetic work, as well as to better plan implant treatment. Classic impressions taken with the use of an impression tray carry a high risk of error. However, with modern impressions taken with a scanner, the risk of error is almost eliminated.

CS 9600 CT

Estetique Center is the third dental office in Poland equipped with a new generation CBCT scanner – CS 9600.

This innovative X-ray machine enables a full dental diagnostics. Digital extraoral imaging technology is a versatile radiological system that provides high-quality tomographic, pantomographic and periapical images, images of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ), as well as images of the maxillary sinuses.


In our Centre, we use a modern X-ray machine that enables full dental diagnostics. Digital extraoral imaging technology is a versatile radiological system that enables to take high-quality pantomographic and periapical images, temporomandibular (TMJ) images, as well as images of maxillary sinuses. With the advanced 2D+ feature, it is possible to perform thin-layer scans for 3D-like examinations.

Computer anaesthesia

QuickSleeper is a unique system that provides immediate and effective anaesthesia without the side effects (e.g. numbness) of traditional methods. It is the latest patented, microprocessor-controlled anaesthesia system for use in dentistry. It enables intraosseous anaesthesia by means of the rotation of the micromotor needle. It is an excellent solution for people who do not like the feeling of numbness or swelling which occurs after administering anaesthesia using traditional methods.

Comfortable hygienization with AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master

Introduced by the Swiss company EMS to the Guided Biofilm Therapy system: a unique solution for use in caries, periodontal disease prevention and maintenance treatment. AIRFLOW® Plus sand removes biofilm, deposits and fresh scale above and below the gum, reducing the need for hand and electric tools. No more rubber bands, toothbrushes and paste. EMS PIEZON® NO PAIN with PS tips allows you to carry out minimally invasive scaling wherever necessary. The treatment is carried out at an adjustable irrigation temperature.