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A perfect smile improves satisfaction and self-confidence. Check out our solutions!

Modern aesthetic dentistry will help in the case of non-satisfactory appearance of teeth. In the Estetique Center you will find a solution to your problem. Our experienced staff will choose the right method of action to meet the expectations of patients in a safe and effective way.

Why do Patients choose Estetique Center?

Because it is the guarantee of satisfactory results.

Beautiful smile

We guide our Patients step by step through the entire treatment process – until they achieve a dazzling, healthy, and snow-white smile.

Greater comfort and confidence

It is said that a smile is what makes a person unique and we share it with many people every day. We make sure that our Patients can do it with comfort and confidence.

Full safety

Treatments are performed by experienced dentists, taking care not only of the aesthetic result, but also of the health of the Patient's teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry treatments Estetique Wrocław

Our way of working

Lack of satisfaction with teeth makes you lose self-confidence. Discoloration and irregular shape of the teeth is a frequent reason for visiting aesthetic dentistry offices. Patients of the Estetique Center are guided by experienced specialists through the entire process: from treatment to obtaining a beautiful smile. It is worth remembering that the Estetique Center offers a full range of services in the field of aesthetic dentistry, including: bonding, veneers or whitening. Visible effects are achievable even after the first visit.

A beautiful smile = more self-confidence?

At the Estetique Aesthetic Dentistry Center in Wrocław, we focus on professionalism and cutting-edge solutions. All treatments are performed on the basis of a previously prepared, individual treatment plan for a given patient. This ensures the safety and effectiveness of the treatments. Our dentists carry out comprehensive treatment and guarantee the improvement of the appearance of teeth also in children and seniors.

Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are something that increases self-confidence and allows you to delight with flawless teeth, as well as enjoy the comfort of eating meals. Check out our offer and find a service tailored to your needs.

Aesthetic dentistry treatments in Estetique Wrocław

Metamorphosis with Flow Injection.

The Patient wanted to change the shape and colour of her teeth, especially the discoloured upper one after the root canal treatment. First, we whitened all teeth using the overlay method and covered the discoloured one with a special blocker to finally obtain harmonious shape and colour by covering all upper teeth with a composite, using the “Flow Injection” method, i.e. “bonding”.

Smile makeover - bonding with Flow Injection.

The Patient came to our clinic to improve the aesthetics of his smile in terms of shape and colour, and to restore the proper function of the teeth. 
A digital design of new teeth was made and then the lower teeth were whitened, while composite restorations were made for all upper teeth – i.e. “bonding” using the “Flow Injection” method.

Digital makeover – trial veneers.

Based on the most modern technological solutions such as Computed Tomography, face scans, extraoral scans and software for digital smile design, we were able to present our Patient with simulations of her new smile. We used 3D printing to make our project real in the form of trial veneers that the Patient could try on without undergoing any invasive procedures.

Smile makeover – veneers.

This is what a digital makeover of a smile looks like using the latest computer-aided design methods. The trial veneers were placed in a completely non-invasive manner. Once the Patient accepted the new smile, it was possible to start making the final ceramic veneers.

Camouflage treatment (bonding)

Bonding is a micro-invasive procedure that camouflages aesthetic defects by applying thin layers of carefully selected composites to the surface of natural teeth. It helps reconstruct their correct architecture (hide chipping or cracks), as well as change the colour – lighten or reduce discolouration. Camouflage treatment is intended for Patients who have full teeth without malocclusion but want to improve the look of the smile without much interference with the natural enamel.

Flow Injection

Flow Injection is an advanced bonding technique that involves a spectacular, non-invasive smile makeover in just 1 day. It enables to change the shape and colour of the tooth, as well as eliminate diastema (gaps between the teeth). The dentist performs a diagnostic 3D scan, a photographic protocol, and sometimes also an X-ray examination. Based on the collected information, a visual design of the Patient's new smile is prepared, which our internal digital lab needs to make special trays. They are the carrier through which the dentist carefully applies a highly aesthetic composite. The result is a smile makeover in accordance with the design approved by the Patient.

Teeth whitening

At Estetique Center, we perform teeth whitening in 3 variants, depending on the preferences and condition of the Patient's teeth.

A simple and convenient overlay method is based on the use of individually prepared overlays, to which you apply a special whitening preparation, and then put them on your teeth. This activity is repeated regularly at specified intervals until the desired effect is achieved.

Dental hygienist takes impressions or performs an intraoral scan to make the overlays. After about 2 working days, during the next visit, you receive ready-made overlays, whitening gels and detailed instructions for the procedure at home.

In-office whitening is limited to one, sometimes two visits, during which the whitening preparation is applied to the teeth. It has a higher concentration than the gel used for overlay whitening. During the treatment, the gums are protected with a special protective mass, and the preparation is activated by irradiating it with a lamp.

It includes standard in-office whitening, as well as a home tray whitening kit. It is used to stabilise the colour or whiten the teeth after the procedure.

Our dentists

At Estetique Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.


Paweł Szuba-Paszkiewicz


Price list

Home-office whitening (Beyond) - 2 archesPLN 2200
Home-office whitening (Prevdent) - 2 archesPLN 2500
Beyond in-house whitening - 2 archesPLN 1500
Prevdent in-house whitening - 2 archesPLN 1900
Overlay whitening -1 arcPLN 700

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