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Orthodontic treatment helps not only in terms of aesthetics, but it also prevents periodontitis.

Orthodontics is about preventing malocclusion and treating existing abnormalities – both for adults and children. For orthodontic treatment, we use various types of braces individually selected for the type of problem and age of the patient.


Orthodontic treatment helps not only in terms of aesthetics, but also health: it prevents caries, speech defects, and periodontitis

Improving face appearance

Arrangement of the teeth affects not only the appearance of the smile, but also the shape of the entire face. Orthodontic treatment can compensate for deformations caused by incorrect development of the jaw or teeth.

Easier teeth cleaning

Uneven teeth create a lot of spaces that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush. As a result, plaque is not removed, increasing the risk of caries and periodontal diseases.

Improving chewing quality

Even bite ensures the proper operation of the chewing mechanism, which increases the comfort of eating meals and prevents diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Straight teeth even in a few months

During the first visit at Estetique Center, the dentist conducts a consultation: carefully examines the condition of the dentition, and then diagnoses what orthodontic problems. A precise diagnostics involves taking digital and X-ray images as well as taking dental impressions or scanning the dentition in order to create virtual diagnostic models. On this basis, it is possible to assess whether the defect can be corrected, and if so – choose the appropriate treatment, i.e. the type of braces.

At the Estetique Center, we also carry out treatment with transparent devices in the form of overlays – we work with the use of Secret Ortho systems.

Invisible dental braces

Aligner braces are an innovative method of treating malocclusion by means of transparent, replaceable aligners adapted to the teeth of a particular patient. Compared to traditional orthodontic treatment, it ensures greater comfort of use, while providing excellent results.

During the first consultation you will find out which braces are best for you and see what your smile will look like after the treatment is over. 3D scanner and special software will conduct a virtual simulation of the entire treatment process and demonstrate the expected end result.

We replace each aligner every 2 weeks, moving the teeth millimeter by millimeter to the right places. The aligners will start to correct the occlusion from the very first day of wearing, so that you can enjoy a perfect smile even after just a few months!

Transparent aligners are virtually invisible, and the lack of metal elements and made to individual order makes them really comfortable to wear. Nobody will know about your treatment.

You can remove the aligners and put them back on yourself – you do not have to change your eating habits, and dental hygiene is as simple as before the treatment.

Removable vraces for children and adolescents

The child's first checkup at the orthodontist should take place at the age of 5-6 or even earlier if the problem is visible. Orthodont will check whether the bite is developing properly and, if necessary, suggest optimal treatment methods. Early diagnosis enables to prevent the formation of deep defects and start bite correction immediately, thus shortening the entire treatment process and preventing irreversible / serious changes. If the child comes to the office after the developmental peak, it may be too late for non-invasive treatment.

występują niewielkie możliwości leczenia, ale już na tym etapie warto zwrócić uwagę i obserwować:

  • zgryzy krzyżowe, tyłozgryzy;
  • nawyki (np. wciąganie wargi), niemowlęcy tryb połykania, oddychanie ustami.

leczymy dzieci aparatami wyjmowanymi bądź fragmentarycznymi aparatami stałymi:

  • w przypadku wad zębowych, zgryzów krzyżowych, tyłozgryzów, zgryzów otwartych są duże szanse na całkowite wyleczenie, jeśli rozpocznie się leczenie w odpowiednim momencie; 
  • należy obserwować, czy występują nawyki (np. wciąganie wargi), niemowlęcy tryb połykania, oddychanie ustami.

Treatment with fixed braces

Main components of a fixed orthodontic appliance are  the fastening elements – the rings and  the brackets –  and  the arches. Orthodontic brackets are used to transfer the force generated by the orthodontic arch to the tooth. The lock is usually attached directly to the tooth but can also be part of the orthodontic ring.

At our center we work on self-ligating locks, so you can choose the right solution for you – taking care of the aesthetics of your smile. A fixed brace is often the only option for advanced malocclusion.

Secret Ortho Experts

Correcting malocclusion with individually designed aligners.


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Price list

Orthodontic Consultation -Eligibility Check and Treatment Plan MakingPLN 500
Fixed orthodontics from PLN 3500
Removable appliancesfrom PLN 800

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