Dental Tourism Poland

Dental tourism in Wrocław city

At the Estetique Centre, we provide comprehensive dental treatment for patients from all over Europe. We offer our foreign patients first-class dental services, medical concierge, i.e. pre- and post-surgery care, as well as assistance with travel arrangements to Poland.

The Estetique Centre currently consists of three dental facilities in Lower Silesia. This guarantees access to some of the best specialists and comprehensive treatment. This is where you will get a full dental makeover and enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dental Travel Poland

Why is worth it?

Premium services at great prices

Dental treatment in Poland is much cheaper than in the west or north of the continent, even taking into account the costs associated with travel and accommodation.

Top quality treatment, experienced doctors

Our doctors have many years of experience and are experts in every area of dentistry. We guarantee professional treatment in accordance with the highest global standards.

Innovative technologies and holistic patient care

Our surgeries are equipped with modern equipment. A Patient Attendant accompanies you at every stage of your treatment.

Dental Travel Poland

How to plan dental treatment in Poland?

Step 1

Contact us

Contact us by phone or email and provide us with key information:

  1. the service you would like to use, together with your expectations regarding your smile makeover
  2. medical documentation to help us plan your visit to our facility (e.g. 16×17 wide CT scan, 3D dental scan , digital protocol photos, , frontal, right and left profile facial photos, smile photo).

After submitting the contact form to us, you will be contacted by our Patient Attendant who will guide you through all stages of your treatment and will be in constant contact with you until your arrival in Poland.

Step 2
Review the treatment plan

Wait for our response. After analysing the documentation you send, our qualified doctors will prepare an initial treatment plan for you.

We want to save you time and costs, so we will provide you with a treatment plan by e-mail or during an appointment or teleconsultation with your doctor.

Depending on which country you live in, we sometimes also offer the possibility of an initial diagnosis abroad.

Step 3
The Patient Attendant will help plan your journey

Once you have accepted your treatment plan, we start planning your trip. If you are planning dental treatment while on holiday in Poland, we will help you find the optimum flight connections and then adjust your treatment dates to take into account a few days of convalescence.

Step 4
Confirm your trip to Poland

We’ll help you book your stay at a hotel we’re working with, so you can take advantage of the promotional price. However, if you decide to choose a different resort, we can help you with your booking as well.

You don’t have to worry about transport to and from the airport. Our English-speaking Patient Attendant will ensure that you are safely picked up from the airport and, at the end of your journey, driven back peacefully.

Step 5
Enjoy the attractions of Wrocław

Make the most of your free time to discover beautiful places and explore nearby attractions. Spend an unforgettable time in the picturesque Polish region of Lower Silesia. The Patient Attendant will help you choose tourist attractions for you and your family if you plan to stay in Wrocław with them as well.

The Estetique Implantology and Digital Dentistry Centre Bielany Wrocławskie is located approx. 30 min from airport.

Comprehensive dental treatment at Estetique in Wroclaw

What does the care of foreign patients look like?

Development of a treatment plan

We want to plan your treatment in the best possible way, so we need as much information about your condition as possible. Please send us a 16x17 wide CT scan, a 3D scan of your teeth , digital photographs (preferably 9 pieces) in digital protocol, showing: front of face, right and left profile and smile. A treatment plan created by your existing dentist can also be very useful. Any information about your previous dental treatment will be helpful. *If you come from a country from which a visa or passport is required in Poland, you must remember to prepare the documents that are required at the airport. We are not responsible for the revocation of the traveller by customs.

Medical records and communication with the patient

After sending us all possible information about your previous dental treatment, photographs and planned treatments, we analyse the material received and create an optimal treatment plan. We present it to the patient, inform them of the expected costs and the approximate duration of the entire treatment. Once the initial treatment plan is approved, we can start planning the trip. Communication between the facility and the patient takes place by telephone or email. We can also arrange an online meeting where we will try to address any concerns the patient may have.

dental travel wrocław

Medical Concierge - Foreign Patient Attendant

To make it even easier for you to arrange dental treatment in Poland, our Patient Attendant will stay in touch with you. He or she will help you through the procedures, make travel arrangements, and when you arrive at our dental centre – take care of you and oversee your treatment plan.

Contact Patient Care if you have more questions about how to arrange dental treatment at the Estetique Centre.

Safety and warranty

If you are insured abroad and are entitled to reimbursement for dental treatment, we will provide you with full documentation, tailored to your insurer’s requirements. We support settlement with your insurance scheme.

We also offer the option of insuring yourself in Poland [link to the insurance company of your choice]. Our Patient Attendant will help you through all procedures.

The healthcare entity provides a 2-year quality guarantee for the treatment provided under the following conditions:

  1. the conditions for entitlement to guarantee rights include:
  2. having regular check-ups and hygiene visits, which the patient is obliged to attend at the health centre that provided the service, on dates prescribed by the doctor, at intervals no longer than every 12 months;
  3. the patient’s compliance with all doctors’ recommendations;
  4. the maintenance of good oral hygiene by the patient; failure by the patient to comply with any of the above conditions will result in the loss of his or her entitlement to the quality guarantee – if this is not the responsibility of the healthcare entity;
  5. The guarantee does not apply to services provided to patients who have:
  6. disorders of the masticatory apparatus,
  7. natural bone atrophy, c. periodontal disease,
  8. untreated carious cavities and missing teeth that may have a direct or indirect impact on the longevity of the service provided;
  9. the guarantee does not cover:
  10. damage not resulting from the service provided;
  11. a service if the patient has not followed the doctor’s instructions;
  12. temporary fillings; travel expenses to the surgery incurred by the patient.

Our experienced doctors are constantly improving their qualifications to provide patients with the highest quality treatment. They use high-quality equipment and modern technology to ensure comfort and safety.

If you are worried about whether you’ll be able to spend time exploring Poland’s charming places after the procedure – no worries. We are still at your disposal.

When you return home, you are still in our care. We want to make sure that your treatment goes according to plan, so we recommend follow-up appointments during which we will examine the condition of your teeth and the healing process in detail.

Dental Travel Poland - Metamorphoses of patients

Metamorphosis - 1


Example of comprehensive treatment including conservative treatment, endodontic treatment and prosthetic restoration with porcelain veneers in the anterior segment. The lateral sections were restored with porcelain overlays. Missing teeth were replaced with implants with all-ceramic crowns. The lower teeth are veneered with composite.

Metamorphosis - 2


The patient’s teeth required extraction, which was followed by complete edentulousness. Implantoprosthetic treatment was applied. Six implants were placed in the maxilla and four implants in the mandible. Reconstruction with implant-supported bridges was carried out. The technique used was All-on-6 on the upper arch and All-on-4 on the lower arch.

Metamorphosis - 3


An example of comprehensive treatment including conservative treatment and prosthetic restoration. The anterior section of the upper teeth was restored with all-ceramic crowns, the anterior section of the lower teeth was restored with porcelain veneers.

Porcelain overlays were made in the lateral sections.

Metamorphosis - 4


Prosthetic restoration, all-ceramic crowns or veneers.

Metamorphosis - 5


The patient had conservative dental treatment performed. An implant with an all-ceramic crown was placed in the position of the upper one. Porcelain veneers were made in the anterior section of the upper teeth and porcelain onlays in the lateral sections.

Metamorphosis - 6


An example of comprehensive dental treatment, from conservative treatment to prosthetic restoration. The patient received a cerconia bridge in the anterior segment of the upper teeth. Porcelain overlays were used in the lateral sections.

Metamorphosis - 7


Comprehensive implantoprosthetic treatment. Extraction of lower teeth. Performance of All on 4 in the maxilla and mandible.

Metamorphosis with Flow Injection.

The Patient wanted to change the shape and colour of her teeth, especially the discoloured upper one after the root canal treatment. First, we whitened all teeth using the overlay method and covered the discoloured one with a special blocker to finally obtain harmonious shape and colour by covering all upper teeth with a composite, using the “Flow Injection” method, i.e. “bonding”.

Smile makeover - bonding with Flow Injection.

The Patient came to our clinic to improve the aesthetics of his smile in terms of shape and colour, and to restore the proper function of the teeth. 
A digital design of new teeth was made and then the lower teeth were whitened, while composite restorations were made for all upper teeth – i.e. “bonding” using the “Flow Injection” method.

Digital makeover – trial veneers.

Based on the most modern technological solutions such as Computed Tomography, face scans, extraoral scans and software for digital smile design, we were able to present our Patient with simulations of her new smile. We used 3D printing to make our project real in the form of trial veneers that the Patient could try on without undergoing any invasive procedures.

Smile makeover – veneers.

This is what a digital makeover of a smile looks like using the latest computer-aided design methods. The trial veneers were placed in a completely non-invasive manner. Once the Patient accepted the new smile, it was possible to start making the final ceramic veneers.

Dental Travel Poland - doctors

At Estetique Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.


Paweł Szuba-Paszkiewicz



Michał Sarul

MD, PhD Habilitated, orthodontics specialist


Adam Nowicki

MD, PhD, dentist


Wojciech Laskowski


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We always focus on quality, which is appreciated by our patients.

Piotr R
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Very nice reception service and professionally conducted visit. I was informed about the procedure on an ongoing basis, and the treatment was smooth and painless. Thanks to Ms Monika, I will not be afraid of the next visit to the dentist 🙂
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I came to the centre a few years ago on recommendation. I can honestly say that I could not have found a better place. Everything is at the highest level. Nice and friendly atmosphere. Dr Paszkiewicz is a real professional and a very nice person. You're the best! Thank you.
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Thank you very much for your help in an emergency and full professionalism. I would like to thank Dr Natalia and her Assistant. I will definitely come back to you soon and continue my treatment. I recommend the Centrum Estetique clinic to everyone. Until next time!
Znany Lekarz revievs
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I come from Warsaw to see Mr Paweł. I can't imagine going to a different dentist. He has an excellent approach to the patient, provides professional assistance and he is thorough. What I like the most is the comprehensive approach to treatment. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is very nice.

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