About us

We are experts in modern dentistry

At the Estetique Center, we change the smiles of our patients and restore their self-confidence. We always put their health first, and the best reward is satisfaction with effective treatment. We offer full dental care and the opportunity to consult the problem with experts in many fields. They are constantly improving their qualifications – they take part in trainings and conferences both in Poland and abroad. At Estetique Center, we cooperate with a dentist, a pedodontist, a surgeon, a prosthodontist, implantologist and orthodontist.

One place – multiple experts

At the Estetique Center, the best team of experts will take care of your healthy and beautiful smile.

We ensure comprehensive treatment

We specialize in improving the smile aesthetics by using all-ceramic veneers and crowns. We conduct effective and safe brightening of tooth enamel, using the best materials and modern technologies. We also treat difficult surgical cases, as well as orthodontic, prosthetic and endodontic ones.

Together we will go through the treatment process

Our priority is safety and satisfaction with treatment. We will take care of your well-being during the whole process and we will accompany you during the metamorphosis. We always start with a thorough diagnosis, then we implement treatment using advanced technologies, and we check its effects during control visits. Optimal results of treatments are due to combining the knowledge and experience of specialists in various fields of dentistry.

We provide a modern laboratory, an X-ray room and tomography

We want to provide our patients with services at the highest level, which is why we use cutting-edge technologies. We have at our disposal a laboratory, X-ray laboratory and computer tomograph that allows you to take instant digital spot and panoramic photos. Importantly, the radiation dose for the subjects was limited to a safe level.


We are a leader in the development of digital dentistry in Poland

The first Estetique Center was established in 2013 in Polanica-Zdrój. It was established by a dentist Dr. Paweł Szuba-Paszkiewicz, and he was guided by the desire to create a place where patients will receive something more than just basic dental procedures. He wanted to offer treatment based on modern technologies and digital solutions. It was possible thanks to his experience gained during dental practice, which was suupported by professional development. The next step was to select a staff that shared his vision of modern dentistry. It is extremely important to equip the Center with modern equipment. Therefore, offered treatments can be performed at a world-class level. Since its beginning, the Estetique Center has been recognized as a symbol of modern dentistry, which does not mean that we give up development. This motivates us to look for even better solutions that we want to offer to our patients. That is why we joined the Dentity Group. The capabilities of a large entity and the medical competence of our Center allowed us to expand the offer of services, as well as to increase the scope of activity. Our goal is to provide patients with wide access to modern digital dentistry, and opening more facilities outside Polanica-Zdrój is a big step on the way to its implementation.

Estetique Bielany Wrocławskie Center is now open

The willingness to use the dental services offered by the Estetique Center by patients from Wrocław, Lower Silesia, but also from all over the Polish, contributed to the opening of the second Center of Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry in Bielany Wrocławskie. The Estetique Bielany Wrocławskie Center is one of the most modern dental facilities in Lower Silesia. We meet the needs and individual expectations of the most demanding patients. Access to all experts in one place, a modern laboratory, an X-ray laboratory and a tomograph make the Estetique Center in Wrocław a place where our patients feel comfortable and safe from the first visit. It is here that we perform dental metamorphoses that change the lives of our patients and their families.