Smile metamorphoses

Cosmetic dentistry Wrocław

The technology used at the Estetique Wrocław Center allows for discreet correction of dental defects and imperfections. We provide a beautiful smile keeping in mind the health and safety of our patients. Check the effects of metamorphoses performed by dentists in Wroclaw!

Just a small interference in the natural shape of the tooth is enough to achieve a visible difference and the effect of a full smile.At Estetique we offer innovative camouflage treatment and teeth whitening in Wroclaw. See the effects of smile makeovers at our center and join the ranks of our satisfied patients!

Metamorphosis - 1


Example of comprehensive treatment including conservative treatment, endodontic treatment and prosthetic restoration with porcelain veneers in the anterior segment. The lateral sections were restored with porcelain overlays. Missing teeth were replaced with implants with all-ceramic crowns. The lower teeth are veneered with composite.

Metamorphosis - 2


The patient’s teeth required extraction, which was followed by complete edentulousness. Implantoprosthetic treatment was applied. Six implants were placed in the maxilla and four implants in the mandible. Reconstruction with implant-supported bridges was carried out. The technique used was All-on-6 on the upper arch and All-on-4 on the lower arch.

Metamorphosis - 3


An example of comprehensive treatment including conservative treatment and prosthetic restoration. The anterior section of the upper teeth was restored with all-ceramic crowns, the anterior section of the lower teeth was restored with porcelain veneers.

Porcelain overlays were made in the lateral sections.

Metamorphosis - 4


Prosthetic restoration, all-ceramic crowns or veneers.

Metamorphosis - 5


The patient had conservative dental treatment performed. An implant with an all-ceramic crown was placed in the position of the upper one. Porcelain veneers were made in the anterior section of the upper teeth and porcelain onlays in the lateral sections.

Metamorphosis - 6


An example of comprehensive dental treatment, from conservative treatment to prosthetic restoration. The patient received a cerconia bridge in the anterior segment of the upper teeth. Porcelain overlays were used in the lateral sections.

Metamorphosis - 7


Comprehensive implantoprosthetic treatment. Extraction of lower teeth. Performance of All on 4 in the maxilla and mandible.

Metamorphosis with Flow Injection.

The Patient wanted to change the shape and colour of her teeth, especially the discoloured upper one after the root canal treatment. First, we whitened all teeth using the overlay method and covered the discoloured one with a special blocker to finally obtain harmonious shape and colour by covering all upper teeth with a composite, using the “Flow Injection” method, i.e. “bonding”.

Smile makeover - bonding with Flow Injection.

The Patient came to our clinic to improve the aesthetics of his smile in terms of shape and colour, and to restore the proper function of the teeth. 
A digital design of new teeth was made and then the lower teeth were whitened, while composite restorations were made for all upper teeth – i.e. “bonding” using the “Flow Injection” method.

Digital makeover – trial veneers.

Based on the most modern technological solutions such as Computed Tomography, face scans, extraoral scans and software for digital smile design, we were able to present our Patient with simulations of her new smile. We used 3D printing to make our project real in the form of trial veneers that the Patient could try on without undergoing any invasive procedures.

Smile makeover – veneers.

This is what a digital makeover of a smile looks like using the latest computer-aided design methods. The trial veneers were placed in a completely non-invasive manner. Once the Patient accepted the new smile, it was possible to start making the final ceramic veneers.