We treat pain in muscles, headaches and temporomandibular joints

Do you struggle with frequent falling fillings, recurrent headaches, mobility or tooth abrasion? Perhaps you suffer from occlusive disease.

Occlusive disease results from a malfunction of the masticatory system (teeth, muscles, temporomandibular joint). It consists in improper contact of the upper and lower dental arch, which results in straining of the jaw muscles and many troublesome symptoms. Untreated occlusive disease can lead to loss of dentition. Our clinic brings together experts in the field of dental surgery. To Wroclaw, location of our facility, did you go on a trip and you had a serious problem with your tooth? Estetique team can fix it!

There are several factors that can cause the disease, so each patient should be diagnosed fully individually.

At the Estetique Center, we prepare Patients for the treatment in 3 stages.

Improperly matched

Missing teeth

Birth defects and growing wisdom teeth

Precise diagnostics are the key to effective treatment

At the Estetique Center, we start the treatment of occlusive disease with thorough diagnostic tests

We use digital extraoral imaging technology, which is a versatile radiological system. It allows you to take high-quality tomographic, pantomographic, fragmentary photos, images of temporomandibular joints (TMJ), cervical spine, as well as photos of maxillary sinuses..

Based on the results of the examinations, the dentist selects appropriate treatment methods, arranging a detailed recovery plan for the patient. The earlier occlusive disease is detected, the easier and faster it can be cured. Therefore, go to the dentist immediately after noticing the initial symptoms, such as: problems with opening the mouth, tinnitus, recurrent headaches or clenching the jaw and grinding teeth.

Our dentists

At Estetique Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.


Adam Nowicki

MD, PhD, dentist


Kacper Lisiecki


Price list

ConsultationPLN 150
Tooth extractionfrom PLN 350
Wisdom tooth removalfrom PLN 600

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