Conservative dentistry Wrocław

Untreated caries not only contributes to the unsightly appearance of teeth, but can cause more serious diseases, as well as pain and discomfort.

As part of conservative dentistry in Estetique, we carry out dental inspections, follow-up visits and conduct basic treatment of diagnosed dental and periodontal diseases. Conservative dentistry is to prevent the formation and treatment of carious disease, suggest treatments as part of prophylaxis and take care of the oral cavity

How does conservative dentistry affect the teeth?

It helps you enjoy a healthy smile.

It protects against discomfort and pain

More serious effects of caries may include periodontitis (severe gum infection), which causes fever, swelling and acute toothache and headache.

Generates savings

Early treatment of caries allows to avoid root canal or implant treatment, which is much more expensive than conservative dentistry procedures.

Preserving aesthetic appearance of teeth

The first symptom of incipient caries is enamel demineralisation, visible as spots on the teeth. Lack of treatment may result in the loss of teeth.

Beat caries once and for all with us

Health of the teeth and gums is extremely important for the whole body, since inflammation in the mouth can have serious health consequences for other organs. Unfortunately, many people still underestimate this – they postpone the visit to the dentist and go to the office when the condition is serious and accompanied by great pain. To prevent this, we encourage everyone to use the services of conservative dentistry in Wroclaw today


For early detection and treatment of caries in adults, we recommend checkups every 6 months, and for children – every 3 months. This disease should not be underestimated even at an early age, because decayed milk teeth can infect permanent teeth.


At Estetique Center, we treat caries at every stage: in the initial stage of enamel demineralisation and when the carious cavity exceeds the dentinoenamel junction. We perform enamel remineralisation, cavity fillings, and, if necessary, also root canal treatment, orthodontic treatment, and surgical treatment.

Our dentists

At Estetique Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.


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Price list

Dental examinationPLN 150
Composite fillingfrom PLN 350

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