Dentity group

Under this name we create regional dental centers!

Estetique has been part of the Dentity dental group since 2020. Her idea is close to us, because she presents a completely new perspective on the dental services market. Our main goal is the development of local networks, because we believe that local dentists know best the specificity and needs of their Patients. That is why Dentity group’s dental facilities have not been centrally consolidated – we want to manage them regionally. So far,   Dentity groups includes the following dental centers: Estetique Polanica-Zdrój and  Wrocław, Galeria Uśmiech Cracow and Nowy Sącz, Zero pain stomatology  Jelenia Góra, Tulident Wrocław, Twój Uśmiech  Dzierżoniów and Dentica Center in Gliwice, Racibórz, Rybnik and Wodzisław Śląski.

Currently, the dental group includes the following centres: Galeria Uśmiechu from Krakow and Nowy Sącz, Estetique from Polanica Zdrój and Wrocław, Tulident from Wrocław, Twój Uśmiech from Dzierżoniów, Stomatologia Bez Bólu from Jelenia Góra, Stomatologia Borowski from Starachowice, POZDENTAL from Poznań, Dentica Center with centres in four locations (Gliwice, Racibórz, Rybnik, Wodzisław Śląski).


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