Dental surgery Wrocław

This type of treatment is recommended for resections, difficult extractions or implant placement.  They are performed under local anesthesia.

Many people associate dental surgery with great pain and fear. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like that anymore. Modern tools, greater knowledge and innovative methods of anesthesia make the procedures are performed with extreme precision – the patient does not have to be afraid of pain. Our Center brings together experts in the field of dental surgery. Do you have a problem with a sore tooth? Estetique team can fix it!

What does the surgical treatment look like?

At the Estetique Center, we prepare Patients for the treatment in 3 stages.

Detailed interview

During the interview, the dentist asks about the Patient's medical condition, health problems, and the purpose of the treatment. This is an introduction to a dental examination.

Dental examination

Doctor examines the oral cavity to assess the severity of the problem and gather the information necessary to plan treatment.

Treatment plan

Each procedure is preceded by the preparation of a detailed treatment plan, which the dentist presents to the Patient and then answers any questions or doubts.

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When is it absolutely necessary to remove a tooth?

Tooth extraction is essential when there are:

  • necrosis or gangrene of the dental pulp
  • mechanical injuries – before the tooth is qualified for removal, the dentist will make a thorough visual inspection of the tooth and oral cavity and take an X-ray
  • prerequisites for the correction of malocclusion – extraction is also carried out in the case of supernumerary, additional or retained teeth
  • gum disease – periodontal tissue diseases can cause inflammation of the bones, abscesses or loss of bone support of the tooth
  • strong infections – sometimes the inflammation is so strong that antibiotics do not work

Dental surgery procedures carried out in Estetique

Our doctors

At Estetique Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.


Adam Nowicki

MD, PhD, dentist


Kacper Lisiecki


Price list

ConsultationPLN 150
Tooth extractionfrom PLN 350
Wisdom tooth removalfrom PLN 600

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