Teeth hygienization Wrocław

Hygienization and dental prophylaxis are a simple way to a healthy smile.

Prophylaxis and hygiene include education in hygiene habits and methods of choosing oral hygiene products, regular check-ups, as well as a set of simple treatments: scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation and tooth lacquering. Tooth brushing is a procedure that for most people is a constant part of everyday routine.

Unfortunately, even the most regular care for oral hygiene will not replace dental surgery. Therefore, it is worth taking an interest in the service of professional dental hygiene. In Wrocław, you will benefit from treatments that will change the appearance of your smile and ensure health. Make an appointment at Estetique today!


Thanks to dental prevention, you always keep the health of your teeth under control.

Increased resistance to caries

Preventive dental treatments fight bacteria, increase tooth resistance to caries, and help notice any cavities early.

Beautiful smile

Unaesthetic discolouration, deposits or tartar? Dental treatments allow you to effectively smooth and whiten the surface of your teeth.

Gum protection

Preventive dental treatment such as scaling helps avoid gum recession and exposing the necks of the teeth.

For your healthy smile

Safe hygienization of teeth Wrocław

Professional dental hygiene treatments allow for permanent and safe removal of the remaining bacterial plaque, tartar or food residues that remain in the gums’ pockets. The most well-known element of the hygiene procedure is the sandblasting of teeth. In Wrocław, however, you have access to a much more extensive offer.

Teeth hygienization - is it worth it?

What is the function of dental hygiene? At Estetique, we know that it is a crucial element of caries prevention. It is recommended to visit a dentist at least once a year, who will thoroughly clean both the crowns and the area around the dental cervix from sediment and stone. These are activities that are not sufficiently effective at home, so it is worth choosing to visit a professional. The offer of our centre includes all the most important hygienic treatments.

Tooth hygienization methods

At Estetique, we provide you with access to all the most important dental hygiene treatments. Scaling, sandblasting or varnishing teeth in Wrocław is now a quick and pleasant procedure.

Our experts ensure that you feel comfortable during all treatments. Regular use of professional hygiene can reduce the risk of caries by up to 40%. So it is a treatment that not only improves the aesthetics of your smile, but also helps to take care of the health of the whole body.

Tooth hygienization methods

At Estetique Center, it begins with dental prevention. During a checkup, the dentist examines the condition of the teeth and gums to determine if the Patient needs any treatment. In our centers, preventive and oral hygiene procedures are performed by qualified and experienced certified dental hygienists, providing Patients with maximum comfort and safety.

Our qualified dental hygienists

At Estetique Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults, and seniors.


Patrycja Semen

Coordinator of the team of dental assistants and hygienists

Price list

Fluoridationfrom PLN 150
Hygiene visit - ultrasonic scaling, sludge sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation with hygiene instructionPLN 400
Hygiene visit (in a series of treatments every 6 months) - ultrasonic scaling, sludge sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation with hygiene instructionPLN 350
Hygiene visit for childrenPLN 300

We will take care of the health and appearance of your smile!

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