Prosthetics Wroclaw

Modern prosthetic methods allow to recreate natural teeth, and thus increase the comfort of the patient’s life.

Dental prosthetics is a field that deals with the restoration of lost dentition using implants. That is, the prosthodontist is a dentist, but does not deal with conservative treatment. It is needed in situations where there are already missing teeth.

A prosthodontist can diagnose and treat ailments of the masticatory organ, as well as perform prosthetic restorations. In addition, we deal with prevention and prosthetic rehabilitation.

Experts who deal with prosthetics in Wroclaw are usually admitted in reputable dental clinics, such as ours. During the visit, the expert assesses the condition of the oral cavity and performs visual tests, i.e. X-ray of the jaw and analysis with an intraoral scanner.

How does prosthetic treatment help Patients?

Prosthodontics is a guarantee of comfort in many aspects.

Aesthetic appearance

Missing teeth do not have to negatively affect your appearance and wellbeing. Prosthodontics can help you maintain an aesthetic appearance even if you lose all teeth.

Chewing and speaking comfort

Prosthetic fillings imitate natural teeth, which helps restore chewing comfort. They enable proper functioning of the muscles in the oral cavity.

Lower risk of diseases

Missing teeth may cause periodontal diseases and malocclusion. This leads not only to pain but also to problems with chewing and breathing.

At Estetique Center, you receive prosthetic treatment of the 21st century

What lies in the competence of a dental prosthetist?

Tasks of a dental prosthetist include:

  • treatment of toothlessness and cavities in the dentition
  • preparation and repair of dentures
  • selection of the appropriate prosthetic restoration
  • treatment with permanent and removable dentures
  • preparation of the oral cavity for prosthetic restoration
  • implantation of dental implants
  • rehabilitation of patients after prosthetic treatment

Who should make an appointment with a prosthetist?

In what situations is it best to go to a specialist dealing with prosthetics in Wrocław?

The services of a dental prosthetist should be used by people who:

  • lost natural teeth
  • must remove natural teeth
  • have a crushed tooth
  • suffer from toothless jaw or mandible
  • want to improve the appearance of their smile
  • want to replace the denture

Professional prosthetics Wroclaw

In our dental center you can make dentures. In Wroclaw in Estetique we also provide other services. Are you looking for flexible dentures? Do you live in Wrocław or are you not far from the city? Schedule a consultation at our facility. Dentures are a solution for people who no longer have natural teeth. For this reason, it is often colloquially called artificial teeth or artificial jaw. Dentures are nothing more than a spare part for your own teeth.

It is used for example after loss of teeth due to age. This is where dentures often help. You can also go to Wroclaw and the Estetique Center to deal with the lack of teeth resulting from other reasons. Dentures are also helpful for younger people when they develop individual dental cavities, for example as a result of illness or accident. The price of dentures depends on the individual needs and capabilities of each patient and is determined by the doctor when planning the course of treatment.

W Centrum Estetique wykonujemy profesjonalne usługi z zakresu protetyki. We Wrocławiu znajdziesz specjalistów, którzy niosą pomoc, np. uzupełnieniu zębów w postaci koron zębowych. We Wrocławiu wykonujemy profesjonalne korony zębowe w zależności od indywidualnych potrzeb i wymagań każdego Pacjenta. W ofercie mamy również wysokiej jakości korony pełnoceramiczne. We Wrocławiu, jak i w całej Polsce, są to najchętniej wybierane korony ze względu na swoje właściwości.

Nasze centrum to przede wszystkim ludzie, czyli zespół profesjonalistów z zakresu protetyki we Wrocławiu. Jeżeli zastanawiasz się nad konsultacją w sprawie protezy lub innego problemu, zachęcamy do skorzystania z naszych usług. Nasi specjaliści z powodzeniem udzielają pomocy w nawet najbardziej drażliwych i krępujących problemach związanych z uzębieniem. Odmień swój uśmiech!

Types of prosthetic fillings:


They are thin, porcelain flakes, which are glued to the enamel surface. Most often they are used to improve the aesthetics of a smile - the color or shape of the teeth Veneers are characterised by high durability and resistance to abrasion – once properly applied, they can last up to a dozen years.


A crown is a perfect reconstruction of a natural tooth – in terms of shape, function, and colour. Placed on an implant or tooth which it is supposed to mirror. Crowns are used in the case of loss of the tooth crown or its significant damage (e.g. mechanical or due to caries).


Bridge is a permanent multi-tooth restoration – usually used in the event of the loss of several adjacent teeth (max. 3). It consists of a pontic and interconnected crowns. The whole bridge replaces missing teeth in terms of appearance and function (chewing).


Removable prostheses are prosthetic restorations that are used when all or most of the teeth are missing. Visually, they imitate natural teeth very well but may fall short in terms of functionality and the comfort of use. Implants are an alternative to removable dentures.

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Price list

Prosthetic consultationPLN 250
Porcelain bridges and crownsfrom PLN 1850
All-ceramic veneersfrom PLN 2200

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