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Welcome to Estetique

Estetique Center provides an offer of highest-level aesthetic dentistry treatments, as well as high standards of treatment. Innovative equipment is used in our business. We also focus on qualified specialists, and we provide each of our patients with an individual approach to treatment.Satisfaction and health of the patient is our priority, which is why we choose only those paths that effectively and safely lead to the goal of a beautiful smile. We have knowledge, experience and technology behind us, which in combination guarantees the highest quality of services.

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Our services

Estetique Center offers a full range of top-quality dental services.


Filling missing teeth through implants.

Cosmetic dentistry

Improving the aesthetics of a natural smile.

Conservative dentistry

Prevention and treatment of the effects of caries.

Endodontic treatment (root canal)

Effective treatment of teeth that are at risk of extraction.

Dental surgery

Professional oral surgical treatment.


A naturally beautiful smile regardless of age.


Aesthetic and functional correction of malocclusion.

Prevention and oral hygiene

Comprehensive assistance in the prevention of dental and periodontal disease.

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Our offerings include extensive services to ensure a healthy smile.


Medical tourism

At the Estetique Centre, we provide comprehensive dental treatment for patients from all over Europe.

We offer our foreign patients first-class dental services, medical concierge, i.e. pre- and post-surgery care, as well as assistance with travel arrangements to Poland.

Estetique Center - what makes us special?

In the center of implantology and digital dentistry, we always put the patient's well-being first.

Comprehensive treatment in one place

Estetique Center cooperates with experts in various fields. Therefore, we can provide effective, multi-area treatment in one place. We provide our patients with access to a dentist, pedodontist, surgeon, prosthetist, implantologist and orthodontist.

Equipment and technologies at the highest level

We use a well-equipped laboratory, as well as an X-ray laboratory with a modern face scanner and a computer tomograph. The ability to immediately take pictures significantly speeds up the diagnosis and implementation of effective treatment.

Professional care of the attending physician

A very important issue is the contact of the attending physician with the patient at every stage of treatment. Our experts are always at your disposal. They answer possible questions and explain all aspects related to the treatment process. The well-being and comfort of patients is our priority.

Patient reviews

We always focus on quality, which is appreciated by our patients.

Piotr R
Google reviews
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Very nice reception service and professionally conducted visit. I was informed about the procedure on an ongoing basis, and the treatment was smooth and painless. Thanks to Ms Monika, I will not be afraid of the next visit to the dentist 🙂
Facebook reviews
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I came to the centre a few years ago on recommendation. I can honestly say that I could not have found a better place. Everything is at the highest level. Nice and friendly atmosphere. Dr Paszkiewicz is a real professional and a very nice person. You're the best! Thank you.
Facebook reviews
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Thank you very much for your help in an emergency and full professionalism. I would like to thank Dr Natalia and her Assistant. I will definitely come back to you soon and continue my treatment. I recommend the Centrum Estetique clinic to everyone. Until next time!
Znany Lekarz revievs
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I come from Warsaw to see Mr Paweł. I can't imagine going to a different dentist. He has an excellent approach to the patient, provides professional assistance and he is thorough. What I like the most is the comprehensive approach to treatment. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is very nice.

Najczęstsze pytania pacjentów

A tooth cannot be removed if removing it is risky to the patient’s health or may cause serious complications. For example, a tooth should not be removed if the patient has blood clotting problems or suffers from heart disease.

If the tooth is too close to nerves or other important structures, its removal can lead to serious medical problems.

The most difficult teeth to extract are those that are softened and have deep roots. The best example are the so-called wisdom teeth. Their removal is often really difficult.

Yes, a tooth can be extracted if it is the cause of pain, but it is a good idea to consult a dentist beforehand to determine the cause of the pain and decide whether pulling the tooth is the best solution. Sometimes tooth pain can be caused by another problem, such as tooth decay or gingivitis, in which case treatment may involve more advanced procedures, such as root canal treatment or surgery.

Tooth extraction should always be a last resort!

Yes, every dentist is obliged to receive a patient with a toothache. In such a case, he or she will usually try to book an urgent appointment to perform an initial examination and determine the cause of the pain, and then take appropriate treatment.

There are several ways to relieve severe toothache. These include, for example, the use of:

  • warm or cold compresses,
  • painkillers (ibuprofen or paracetamol),
  • special pain relieving rinses.

Do you have a toothache? Do not delay and consult a dentist! The specialist will determine the cause of the pain and choose the appropriate treatment. Delaying the appointment will certainly not result in improvement.

You can use online reviews or ask friends or family members. Online tools such as dentist search engines or rankings of the best doctors in your region are also useful. You should also pay attention to the dentist’s qualifications and experience, and whether the dental office is well-equipped and uses the latest treatment methods.


Estetique Center - cooperate with the best!

Dentist in Bielany Wrocławskie - Estetique

About the Center

Experienced dentists in Bielany Wrocławskie in Kobierzyce municipality are waiting for you at Estetique. We specialize in implantology and digital dentistry. We always rely on innovative equipment and advanced technologies to provide our patients with the best treatment results. Our specialists have not only knowledge and experience, but also an individual approach to each Patient, so our treatment methods are effective and safe.